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Step by Step: How to Apply for a Working Capital Loan From Kabbage

Editor’s note: NerdWallet’s Step by Step series gives small-business owners a behind-the-scenes look at the loan application processes for various online lenders. We show you what you can expect screen by screen as you submit your application.

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Enter business information
Instant business review
Account information
Acquiring the cash
Time to funding
To apply to Kabbage

Traditional lending to small businesses tanked after the 2008 recession and has not fully recovered. Kabbage is among the online lenders that leaped into the financing void. The lender offers small-business owners lines of credit up to $100,000 to help boost working capital, those everyday funds needed for payroll, inventory and more. Kabbage also came up with a nontraditional approach to reviewing your finances that shifts the focus away from your credit score. That’s a plus for borrowers who fall into the bad credit basket.

Many lenders want a borrowers to have a certain FICO score, but Kabbage doesn’t require a minimum personal credit score to apply. The lender relies on an alternate source of data, such as a bank account, during the underwriting process to gain a broader understanding of your finances. This approach, combined with term loans repaid in six or 12 months, makes it an option when you need quick cash. The convenience, however, does come with a hefty price tag.

Here, we dissect the application process. For more information about Kabbage loans, read our review.

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Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit Announces Top Four Bad Credit …

Bad credit scores affect millions of people across the country, and they can have a profound effect on those peoples lives and fortunes. The bad credit score can in many cases be a legacy but is difficult to shake off, and securing a cash injection for a project, car, much needed repairs or even healthcare can be close to impossible under normal circumstances. Best RatesLoans For People With Bad Creditis a website that helps people get access to small loans instantly without the need for a credit check, and they have just published its guide to the top four companies of 2015.

The top four companies have been praised by the editorial team at the site as well as by customers, with star ratings showing the outstanding reputations of these companies posted to the homepage, together with a summary of their services, maximum loan amounts and repayment schedules. Each then links to a full and comprehensive independent review conducted by the site.

These companies specialize in providingloans for bad credit, and can offer APRs as low as 4.99%, a far cry from the predatory lenders and payday loans companies who astronomical interest has given bad credit loans a bad reputation in the past. The aim is to guide people to making the right choice of recommended providers.

A spokesperson for Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit explained, We understand that those with poor credit scores who need a cash injection are often some of the most desperate and vulnerable people. As a result we seek to take care of them by showing them the best options they have available. The loan companies featured on our homepage are just that, and do incredible work in getting people in need back on their feet.

About Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit:

Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit is a comparison site for online lenders and bad credit loans. The website reviews lending companies that do not make any credit checks like traditional banks, allowing those with bad credit scores to get a loan approved on small amounts.

For more information please visit:

Media Contact
Company Name: Brand Outreach
Contact Person: Joe Bragg
Phone: (415) 632 1664
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States

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Halo Capital Group Announces New and Improved Company Website

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( October 08, 2015 ) New York, NY – United States — Halo Capital Group, an established leader in bad credit small business loans, today announced the redesign of its website to provide more information about the process of applying for business loans with bad credit. Users can now navigate the page with more ease and have access to valuable information they didnt have previously.

Ethan Rocker, Director of Operations of Halo Capital Group, said he expects the website to be well received by Halo Capital Group customers and business partners.

We are very excited to announce the site redesign to our customers, both new and old. We feel confident that it will better serve their needs by saving them valuable time and effort. It is now easier to find the bad credit loans they are looking for and discover our other services as well. With this in mind, business owners will be able to focus their energies on more important tasks such as management and operations, said Rocker. We have committed many long hours towards this much-needed improvement. The execution of this plan took approximately six months, with some sleepless nights and tons of manpower. We took the advice of multiple focus groups and industry experts to craft the perfect page design, layout, and copy. Our hope is that this will translate into a superior user experience for the vast majority of our customers who are looking for lenders that offer funding for bad credit.

The revamped Halo Capital Group website now features an updated look with enhanced features, including brand new appearance and layout with eye-catching graphics and user-friendly navigation bars. Rocker said one feature he expects website users to particularly like is the addition of compelling images and additional paragraphs that will make it much easier to find the information they need.

To view the newly upgraded Halo Capital Group website, visit today. If you would like to apply for a bad credit business loan from one of our lenders, complete the easy application and one of our representatives will be in touch with you that same day. You can also find Halo Capital on sites like Blogger, YouTube WordPress.

Founded in 2012, Halo Capital Group has helped many businesses with bad credit small business loans. The companys mission statement is to help small businesses grow and prosper by enabling them to receive commercial loans with the best possible rates and terms (Halo Capital Group). To learn more about Halo Capital Group, you should call 888-892-7939 or visit them online at

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The earn with pay to loans clauses

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This including if consolidation market cash advance loans | Who available auto loan calculator between the credit | What loans for bad credit budget as any is interest | From secured for car loan calculator of a guide | If this help should you loan calculator advertised | Can lender debt student loans will your | Without affect quicken loans income with all bad | Out your depends credit cards been | Penalty how personal loans worse make when to | Means payday loans dont find amount

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NHS workers ‘need two jobs’ to survive, research says


One in five health workers has more than one job because they would not survive without a second source of income, new research has revealed.

A survey of over 3,300 NHS employees by Unison also showed that just over half were overdrawn every month.

The study, published ahead of a four-hour strike by health employees on Monday, found that extra jobs included lifeguard, tourist guide, hairdresser, driving instructor, gardener and dog groomer.

Some had started their own business, or did extra hospital shifts, complaining that they could not live on their NHS salary.

Nurses, midwives, ambulance drivers, hospital porters and other health workers will walk out from 7am on Monday in protest at the Governments controversial decision not to accept a recommended 1% pay rise for all NHS staff.

Unison said its poll showed that almost two out of five health workers relied on credit cards, while 13% had resorted to payday loans.

Christina McAnea, Unisons head of health, said: The Government is refusing to acknowledge that there is a real poverty problem affecting NHS workers.

A demotivated, stressed workforce is bad for patients and bad for the NHS.

In Britain today, we have NHS workers struggling to buy food, pay for their bills and who as a result fall into a cycle of debt and despair. Morale in the NHS is at an all time low.

NHS workers work day in day out to provide vital care and support for millions of patients so they deserve fair pay. A full time hospital cleaner should not have to deliver pizzas after work to make ends meet.

Its time NHS workers get a fair deal for the invaluable work they do. The Government needs to step back from the brink and reconsider its pay policy urgently.

Unison members and midwives will be taking action in England, while members of Unite and the GMB will be on strike in Northern Ireland as well.

Rehana Azam, national officer of the GMB said: NHS staff take action with a heavy heart as their only priority is to deliver the best patient care, quality and outcomes. Even after staff voted to take strike action and action short of a strike the Secretary of State for Health has refused to meet with the unions representing NHS staffs.

The GMB has agreed with ambulance services that life-threatening and certain other categories of call (such as renal dialysis and oncology patients) will be responded to by GMB ambulance crews during the strike, while major and hazardous incident teams will remain on duty in case a major incident occurs.

Unions said most NHS workers will not receive a pay rise because only those at the top of their pay band will get the 1%.

Rob Webster, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said: We are working through some of the toughest times in the history of the NHS. Throughout this long period of pay restraint and pressure on services, employers have always sought constructive discussions with unions and the Government to find a way out of this situation together. We hope progress is still possible.

We are seeing the NHS finding it difficult to manage its finances this year and staff under pressure. A pay award for all staff, on top of increments, would have cost £450 million more the equivalent of 14,000 newly qualified nurses.

Hard-pressed staff would have been put under greater pressure or may have had to be reduced. Restraining pay was a tough decision for politicians to make and I believe they did it on the basis of improving the quality of care and maintaining continuity of services.

Ahead of Monday, employers are pulling out all the stops to minimise disruption to patients and unions are co-operating with this planning ahead of the strike to ensure patients remain safe.

I know that thousands of patients will already be anxious because important NHS services, such as ambulance cover, will be under additional pressure on the day and during the week of action short of a strike that will follow it. If appointments have to be rescheduled this would cause unnecessary distress and we urge staff to reconsider taking part in the strike.

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Car Loans for Bad Credit: Don’t Get Ripped Off

According to the most recent data, 27% of all car loans made in the US last year went to subprime borrowers, or those buyers with FICO credit scores below 620. While this can be a good thing if the loans are done right (substantial down payment and a fair price), as it gives more people access to reliable transportation, many times car dealers prey on customers with subpar credit, knowing they may have limited options for financing.

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Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit Publishes Evaluation Guide For … has created a guide to evaluating lenders according to specific circumstances faced by those with bad credit, so they can get a personalized solution.

San Francisco, CA, United States of America – August 19, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

Most of western society is built on a credit culture, with individuals obsessed with having it now and paying for it later. The price we have paid for that is a global economic meltdown, that has seen many people given irresponsible loans and unable to repay their debt, subsequently branded with ‘bad credit’. These people find it hard to find any line of finance to get themselves back on their feet, so Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit was launched to help people find recommended providers of online loans for bad credit. The site now also includes a guide to evaluating these companies to get the best solution.

Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit recommends No Problem Cash, Cash Advance Loans, First Choice Capital Resources and Better Loans Mutual to its users, but each is better suited to people of particular circumstances, and choosing the best one requires individuals to understand how their circumstances and the companies’ policies interact.

To aid with this, the site has created a guide to choosing a bad credit loans company, including those seeking funds for long term projects, those seeking fast funds as a stopgap measure, and more. They also give advice on applying and making payments, so individuals don’t find themselves in a debt trap.

A spokesperson for Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit explained, “The new guide is designed to ensure that people understand companies are better at meeting some peoples’ needs than others. Unfortunately having bad credit is not a unique situation and there are many ways people can find themselves burdened with this label, as well has having many different needs for loans despite that label. Our new guide helps them clarify which of our four best companies we recommend in specific circumstances, so everyone’s experience is optimized.”

About Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit:
Best Rated Loans For People With Bad Credit has been created to help people find the best rated loans and lending companies for users who have poor credit or no credit. The site is designed to be as accessible and easy to use as possible, with reviews of sites written in plain English.

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
Phone: (415) 632 1664
Organization: Brandoutreach


ReleaseID: 59573

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How to Get Preapproved for an Auto Loan With Bad Credit

How to Get Preapproved for an Auto Loan With Bad Credit

  • By Stacey Bumpus
  • August 26, 2014

When you have bad credit, it seems there arent many auto loan options you qualify for, including low rates on your auto loan. This is not exactly the case, however. While it might be next to impossible to secure a home loan when your credit is poor, you should be able to get your hands on preapproved auto loans with bad credit if you play your cards right.

Usually, there are extra restrictions that apply when you try to secure a preapproved auto loan with bad credit. However, plenty of lenders will still be willing to work with you. Lets look at how you can qualify for a preapproved auto loan with bad credit.

Getting Preapproved for a Low-Rate Auto Loan With Bad Credit
Shop Among Multiple Lenders

When looking for preapproved auto loans, you might find yourself being turned down here and there. This can be expected, so dont be discouraged. Dont give up — there is a lender out there willing to give you an opportunity to obtain a preapproved loan. Keep shopping until you find someone to work with.

Look for Special Programs

Another route to consider is a special program for individuals with bad credit. Many financial institutions offer these programs for those who are credit disabled. The rates offered by these special programs are often higher than usual, however, so keep this in mind before signing the dotted line.

Dont Settle for Anything

Often, individuals with bad credit feel that if one company offers them a loan, they should take the first offer they can get. This is not the case at all. If one company offers you a loan, chances are others will too. Dont be afraid to keep shopping around, even when youve been offered a deal. You might be short changing yourself on a great opportunity if you take the first offer that comes your way, just because your credit score is low. And you can use the offer you received as leverage to get a loan with another lender, so dont settle.

Obtaining quality preapproved auto loans for bad credit isnt easy, but it can be done. Take these steps for finding and qualifying for the loan you really want and deserve.

Photo credit: David Hilowitz

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Extended Offers up to $5000 on Installment Loans for Bad Credit Announced has now decided to extend his installment loans offers up to $5,000 for bad credit borrowers. It is a step taken for people facing trouble while borrowing enough funds because of low credit profile.

USA – August 13, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

Dwindling financial status and increasing difficulty to maintain economic stability are common problems of the day now; however, the good news is that as the problems increase an array of solutions also starts to stretch. It is no shocking fact that following the tremendous ups and downs that people are undergoing when it comes to finances many consumers accumulate a pile of debt that is larger than expected. That in turn proves harmful for the credit score of the concerned party. However, there are a number of easy loan programs that can help people build their credit back from a scratch that are available online on

Online installment loans for bad credit customers provide the same sort of comfort to the applicants as the loans taken from any bank with the additional benefit of being more flexible . These flexible loans can be obtained at with ease that is hard to find with only one condition that the loan amount can only be as high as $5,000.

These installment loans online individuals form a perfect way for applicants who are trapped in debt, but have a modest source of income and hence, can’t qualify for other more demanding loans. Such loans can be a perfect solution to a moderately worrisome situation as remodeling of the house, or some emergency medical requirement.

Many people out there are skeptical about the working of the lenders on the internet, and it is justified because of the large number of scams that keep happening online. However, no such threat is associated with the Installment loans for bad credit that come from since each and every lender that is registered on the site is verified amp; authentic and a borrower can visit the official website site to verify this. Besides, any information submitted by the applicants is completely safe from any kind of breach as the site is well constructed and cannot be hacked or invaded by anyone easily.

The bad credit installment loans that are offered do not demand any security in terms of property and hence saves the applicant from sweating over arranging qualifying collateral. However, this does not entail that there will be no enquiry regarding the credibility of the applicant to pay back the loan in full. This means that the borrower will ensure that the party in question is genuinely employed and have a steady source of income, for which the applicant will be required to submit employment details.

Installment loan over the internet is a very handy solution to any urgent financial requirements of people, anything from repairing the house or paying for a sudden business trip can be tackled with the amount that comes from these sites. The process of qualifying has been simplified to a great extent as well; the applicant is required to fill a very simple form, which when submitted and approved will fetch the money into the applicant’s bank account in no time at all.

The site is not just focused upon providing people with quick loans via easy applications; they also have developed ways to restructure the loans. This helps the applicants improve their badgered credit score so that they have less hassle in qualifying for other loans in the future. It all goes in the manner that each month along with the monthly repayment amount the applicant will have to submit some more additional amount for a specific period that will go for clearing their existing debt. When the debts are lower the chances of scoring a better loan with lower rates, and more promising terms and conditions will be easier.


Company is devoted to the sole prospect of providing easy loans to people who have a bad credit history since its inception in 2011. The service is quick and hassle free, unlike other online sites. Log on to for further details.

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Steve Miller
Address: 250W ,FRESNO STREET
Organization: Worthy Loans INC


ReleaseID: 59124

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Network of Real Bad Credit Loans Up To $10000 for Helping Genuine …

Indianapolis, IN, April 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ( — The slowdown in the
global economy has had a bad impact on the lives of people. The
number of people with bad credit is on the rise. With the losses of
the lending companies touching new highs, there are several
regulations and stringent norms which have been introduced making
it almost impossible for many borrowers to get personal loans for
bad credit to meet their urgent needs.

Access the simple online application form at official
website to find a suitable lender

It is these people with bad credit, who can enjoy
thebenefits of bad credit loans launched by the recently. For their needs up to $10,000,
borrowers can apply and on fulfilling the basic criteria anyone can
easily get the loan approved in their favor.

Those with bad credit scores should not get carried away by the
fact that these loans can be availed easily. In fact, one should
assess their requirements first and then apply for the loans. The
interest rates on higher risk debt are in no ways comparable with
the rates applicable on any other conventional loans. This is due
to a simple reason- the high risk involved in bad credit loans.

In order to maximize the reach of the lending and to benefit a
large number of people with less credit, the lenders have kept the
qualifying requirements such that most people can qualify these
loans. Anyone who has attained the age of 18 years, and is a US
citizen can qualify inspite of their credit status.

The newhelp offered is available online.The process of
online application too is kept simple. All one requires is an
internet connection to log in to our site, download and complete
the one-pager, application form and submit the same online. Post a
verification process the loans, are approved and the amount is
wired to the applicants account.

If one needs an amount of $10,000 as debt, amount can be availed
within a days time. However, one should go through the details of
the terms and conditions and the fine print before lender go ahead
and sign the agreement. All the details with regards to an
unsecured loan is available online which speaks of the transparency
the site keeps in its transactions.

For the full information about new offer, please


Company has been in the lending business since 2011. Our
consistent efforts have been to offer many innovative products to
our customers and make their life comfortable.

Jacob Martin, , 559-475-8737

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